Tom 39 (2020)

Emotionalisierung des Sprechens durch Metaphorik, Beispiel: metaphorische Ausdrücke mit dem Wort „Ventil”

Strony: 7-25



The present paper deals with the relationship between language, emotion and metaphor, theoretically and based on sets of examples. Firstly, I am going to discuss how emotions shape the language we use (based on the works of Fiehler 1990, Schwarz-Friesel 2007, Ortner 2014 and Ebert/Gruber/Meisnitzer/Rettinger (eds.) 2011) and what the role of metaphors in descriptions of emotions is (based on the theory of Lakoff and Johnson 1980, Kövecses 1999). Secondly, using examples from the press I am going to show how the emotions of i.a. rage, irritation or frustration can be made verbal in a metaphorical sense. For this purpose, German metaphorical expressions with the noun Ventil ‘valve’ will be examined. I am using a descriptive-interpretive approach in my analysis.