Tom 39 (2020)

Die „Werkstatt des Forschers”: einige Überlegungen zum Begriffsinhalt und -umfang

Strony: 75-84



The following paper focuses on the German translation of the Polish term “warsztat badacza” (die Werkstatt des Forschers, literally “the researcher’s workshop”, generic term for more or less “methodology and best practices of scientific research”). The discussed term seems to be commonly used in Polish philological texts, especially in critical reviews of academic articles and books; the German equivalent of “warsztat badacza” is not widely applied, but it is recognized by older German readers of academic texts. However, some younger scholars may have problems with grasping its meaning recognized in the philological tradition of academic writing. My paper shows how the term’s – “Werkstatt des Forschers” – meaning, its broad sense, its contextual dissemination, and its pragmatic use can be explained and applied in academic discourse. It is also essential for the Polish authors of academic texts to know how to paraphrase a possible translation gap that the mentioned term induces in German texts.