Tom 39 (2020)

Nowe tendencje w tematycznych słownikach polsko-rosyjskich i rosyjsko-polskich na przykładzie „Kieszonkowego słownika piłki nożnej” Yu. Fedorushkova

Strony: 111-125



This article presents an analysis of current trends in Russian-Polish and Polish-Russian thematic translation lexicography in terms of the football-related lexicon. The point of departure for the analysis is a small dictionary, intended for a broad audience, which was compiled by means of the modern method of excerption of a specially constructed corpus, containing a rich collection of phrases and precisely determined equivalents – the Russian-Polish and Polish-Russian Pocket Football Dictionary. As a result of critical analysis, the author formulated several conclusions concerning the modification of the corpus, which is the basis for compiling similar translation dictionaries, the scope of the lexicon and phrases included in the dictionary, as well as the methods of determining and presenting equivalents.