Tom 39 (2020)

Analiza wydawnictw efemerycznych – ujęcie lingwistyczne

Strony: 183-198



The aim of the paper is to present ephemeral printed texts as an object of a linguistic description as well as to submit the model of analysis in practice. Texts called as ephemera are usually an object of a non-linguistically targeted interdisciplinary approach, although ephemera, regardless of type and style, can be subject to the scheme of a linguistic analysis. The submitted Linguera model (lingua et ephemera) enables meticulous analysis of an ephemeral text followed by its detailed and accurate analysis. The model focuses on such aspects as the role of context, evaluative language, contents and form of ephemera, as well as analytical map designing. The proposal of analysis is presented on the material of the ephemera collection from the Free City of Danzig (1920 – 1939).