Tom 38 (2019)

„Da war ich sofort high gewesen, ne. Wein getankt, woll.” – Eine exemplarische Analyse des Dortmunder Regiolekts unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Rückversicherungspartikeln

Steffen Hessler
Daniel M. Pottmann

Strony: 33 - 54

PDF (Deutsch)


Da war ich sofort high gewesen, ne. Wein getankt, woll: An empirically based analysis of the Dortmund area’s regiolect with particular regard to reassurance particles

This study deals with the German particles ne and woll in the spoken language of the Ruhr district. There are some possibilities in terms of the usage of what we call reassurance particles at the end of somebody’s utterances. In the regiolect of the Ruhr area, the usage of ne is very common, but there are also eastern territories where woll is used as well. We are examining if the usage depends on different sub-regiolects in terms of diatopic variations, and/or it also depends on situational aspects such as different registers or situational speech.