Tom 38 (2019)

Vokalquantitätsverschiebungen in ausgewählten Dorfwillküren aus dem 17. und 18. Jh. Eine graphematisch-phonematische Studie

Strony: 67 - 79

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The marking of the vowel length in selected village charters from the 17th and 18th centuries. A graphemic-phonemic study

The paper presents the results of the language analysis of the Early New High German village charters from the 17th and 18th centuries which come from: Archiwum Komisji Prawniczej, Volume XI, Warszawa/Kraków/Łódź/Poznań/Wilno/Zakopane, 1938 and Targowski 2013. The scriveners are unknown. The center of attention are the ways of marking of the long and short vowels, which came into being owing to the lengthening and shortening of the vowels in the Early New High German time. The aim of the article is to determine to what extent the script fixes the features of the spoken language. The author introduces the results of his analysis, illustrating the characteristic features with appropriate examples.