Tom 38 (2019)

Rozmowa egzaminacyjna – wybrane cechy stylu wypowiedzi egzaminatora i egzaminowanego. Analiza korpusowa

Strony: 117 - 135



Oral exam – selected features of style of utterances of examiners and students. Corpus analysis

The purpose of the article is to compare selected features of the style of utterances of professors and students in an oral exam as a communication situation. The research material consists of 25 recordings of oral exam 9 examiners with 32 students. They come from a corpus collected as part of GeWiss – a study project on the spoken scientific language. The texts were divided into two subcorpora: E examiners and S students. Corpus linguistics methods were used in analysis. Several characteristic features of scientific and official styles were compared: numerous structures proszę + infinitive; nominal structures nominal style; extensive hypotaxis. The analysis showed numerous stylistic similarities between the examined subcorpora. The style of none of the texts in the subcorpora is strongly nominal. A clear difference between the subcorpora is the presence of structures with the word proszę – it appears in the utterances of examiners, while in the utterances of students it is almost non-existent. The distribution of means responsible for cohesion in both subcorpora is different parataxis is more common than hypotaxis but is implemented differently; also, there are differences in lists of one hundred most frequently used lexemes in the subcorpora – these differences allow us to distinguish these texts with tools for automatic style similarity analysis.