Vol. 60 (2022)

Published: 30-12-2022

The present collection of articles is dedicated to the memory of Professor Jan Cygan, an eminent linguist. Not only did Professor Cygan follow the highest academic standards as an author of many books and articles in various areas of linguistics but he was also admired by his students and fellow researchers for exceptionally broad interests. This variety is reflected in the essays included in this volume. Whereas Janusz Malak continues Professor Cygan’s work on the structure of the English verb phrase, Tadeusz Piotrowski focuses on the changes in pronunciation of Polish in the population in Wrocław after 1945, supporting his discussion with anecdotal evidence, and referring also to changes in Jan Cygan’s accent typical of speakers who came to Wrocław from Lwów. Margaret Niznikiewicz, a former student, goes far beyond traditional linguistics and presents an overview of current experimental research related to language and brain. Finally, in a separate new section devoted to artistic research, there is Eva Stachniak’s essay which goes back to the 80s and the time of migrations. Eva Stachniak, once a member of the English Department, is an internationally bestselling Canadian writer.

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