Volume 61, No. 2

American Culture in Games and Game Studies

Published: 18-01-2024

Issue 61.2 of Anglica Wratislaviensia focuses, for the first time in the journal’s history, on the perspective of game studies in cultural and literary explorations. The collected papers investigate various connections between games, understood as a medium, as well as a cultural phenomenon, and the culture of the United States. Jakub Majewski uses a French digital game to compare American and non-American depictions of the Wild West. The papers by Leonid Moyzhes, Eleonora Imbierowicz and Mike Piero employ games as points of insight into American approaches to, respectively, religion, ecology, and drug culture. Aleksandra Mochocka and Radosław Walczak, in turn, analyze, using a meticulously discussed example, the relations between American narrative conventions and means of expression characteristic of digital games. In the part of the issue dedicated to literature and culture, Marek Pawlicki considers, using the example of Nadine Gordimer’s work, the effectiveness and limitations of an Afrocentric perspective adopted by a white writer.

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