• Działalność bibliotek pedagogicznych na rzecz bibliotek i bibliotekarzy szkolnych

Działalność bibliotek pedagogicznych na rzecz bibliotek i bibliotekarzy szkolnych

Bogumiła Staniów
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Pedagogical libraries and their support for school libraries and librarians


Under the Ministerial Regulation of 2003, pedagogical libraries in Poland are obliged to support school libraries by promoting and assisting in readers’ education and education for media literacy, supporting teachers’ educational efforts, and organising and carrying out educational and cultural activities. The article defines the most important directions of this support, examines the most typical forms of work and presents selected examples of this often nonstandard activity. The author uses information published on the pedagogical libraries’ websites, referring particularly to the 2008–2009 school year, as well as information sent by the libraries. She distinguishes four main types of activities performed by pedagogical libraries for school libraries and librarians: helping solve everyday problems related to library operation; training, mobilising and integrating librarians and teachers, as well as complementing and expanding the informational, didactic and cultural offer of school libraries. The article demonstrates the advantages and importance of the cooperation between pedagogical and school libraries. It also describes the increasing diversity of mutual contacts, which promote the libraries, and show their identity and uniqueness.

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