Przekłady i edycje

Tom 1 (2023)

Przekład epigramatów wotywnych Leonidasa z Tarentu z VI ks. „Antologii Palatyńskiej”

Strony: 65-76



This paper presents a Polish translation of the votive epigrams by Leonidas of Tarentum from Book VI of Anthologia Palatina. Leonidas, a Hellenistic poet typically assigned to the first half of the third century BC, who has approximately 100 epigrams attributed to him. While adhering to the conventional structure of votive epigram and epitaph, his poetry stands out for its innovation. The epigrammatist employs a language that is both lavish and ornamental, utilizing numerous poetic devices to vividly depict ordinary people and artisans. However, his poems extend beyond these subjects, with Leonidas also lauding renowned poets, crafting ecphrases of artworks, and composing reflective epigrams on philosophical themes.


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