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Tom 1 (2023)

Zachęta do tłumaczenia na język polski dzieła polihistora Gabriela Rzączyńskiego pt. „Historia naturalis curiosa Regni Poloniæ, Magni Ducatus Lituaniæ, annexarumque provinciarum, in tractatus XX divisa” z 1721 roku

Strony: 147-154



Gabriel Rzączyński’s Historia naturalis curiosa, composed of twenty treatises, published in 1721 in Sandomierz, has been a source of information about the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Res Publica Utriusque Nationis) for many years, and one of the most extensive attempts to characterize the natural environment of the country. It also contains information on historical events that involved the natural world and the state of knowledge and medical practice in Poland and Lithuania. Historia has also been the subject of many secondary studies and historiographical analyses, but has not yet been translated into its author’s native language. A concise description of its content and a discussion of its importance for academic reflection are intended as an encouragement to translate the opus into the languages of the nationalities that formed the state at that time.


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