• Ustawy okresu republikańskiego w komediach Plauta

Ustawy okresu republikańskiego w komediach Plauta

Joanna Pieczonka
Google Scholar Joanna Pieczonka


The laws of the time of Roman Republic in Plautus ’ comedies

The aim of the present article is to depict the laws of the time of republic that are mentioned in Plautus’ plays. The paper includes the legal acts introduced till the year of 184 BC, with the exception of the Lex duodecim tabularum due to its special character. In particular the article appeals to the following laws: leges sumptuariae lex Oppia, lex Cincia, leges fenebres lex Sempronia, lex Plaetoria, leges aleariae. This paper discusses every regulation and presents relevant passages in the plays. Furthermore it shows how the audience could indentify a concrete law and read its content on the basis of allusions hidden in Plautus’ comedies.

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