Rzymska sztuka kulinarna. Na podstawie dzieła "De compendiosa doctrina" ks . XVIII Noniusza Marcellusa


  • Sylwia Szczygieł


Roman cuisine on the basis of De compendiosa doctrina bok 18 by Nonius Marcelus

The subject of the article is the book 18 of De compendiosa doctrina by Nonius Marcellus. It contains names of plants, animals and wines that acquaint us with the Roman culinary tradition. The majority of plants mentioned are herbs that served to prepare medicines and concoctions. We also find there two names of fish and a sea crustacean. Nonius mentions also a dish turunda that cannot be identified. The nouns given by the lexicon do not always correspond with the vision of a sumptuous feast. Therefore the research carried out on the book 18 of the work not only concerns culinary issues, but also is a perfect starting point for linguistic, paleobotanical and medical research.






Artykuły [1039]