The traditional figures of women in Sardinian cinema

Ewa Baszak
Google Scholar Ewa Baszak
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In this article I focus my attention on the archetype of women in Sardinian cinema. First of all, I explain the definition of the cinematographic movement which dominates Sardinia and I try to find the answer if Sardinian cinema cinema sardo exists. The next part of this paper shows the division of the cinema in Sardinia into two categories: seen from an external perspective by authors originating off the island and its culture, defined as hetero-representation, and seen from an internal point of view, developed by directors born and culturally raised in Sardinia, defined as self-representation.
In the second part of the paper, I write about the term il deleddismo, which means the picture of Sardinia seen by the writer Grazia Deledda. Gianni Olla uses this term with reference to the cinema, il deleddismo cinematografico, as a way to enter the Sardinian world from the cinematic point of view. In early Sardinian cinema, stereotypes aimed at educating society and in the case of women by the merits of 20th-century ideology — to show them how they should behave. In recent decades this has not changed completely, but the figure of the modern woman is more often shown as the main character, who possesses far more power than her predecessors.

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