• “Esas madres”. Ser madre en México

“Esas madres”. Ser madre en México

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2084-2546.28.10
Justyna Tomczak-Boczko
Google Scholar Justyna Tomczak-Boczko

Estudios Hispánicos Tom 28 (2020)

Strony od 117 do 127


The article is an attempt at reconstruction of the linguist stereotype of the Mexican mother. The methodology used is ethnolinguistic and follows the ideas of the Jerzy Bartmiński school (Professor at the University of Lublin). The author analyses Spanish proverbs and idiomatic expressions from Mexico. Subsequently, the image of the mother is compared to the qualitative interviews conducted in Mexico. The conclusions show the ambiguity of the stereotype of a mother who deserves respect, but nevertheless, she has no value.

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