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Tom 15 (2007): Hispano-Polonica. Homenaje a Piotr Sawicki

La imagen de Espana del siglo XIX basada en el compendio de Stanisław Stroynowski Podróż po Europie w Obrazach

  • Natasza Posadzy
12 sierpnia 2007


The picture of Spain in the 19th century on the basis of Stanisław Stroynowski’s compendium Podróż po Europie w Obrazach The pictures from a journey around Europe

The author, analyzing the synopsis by Stanisław Stroynowski, revises the opinions about Spain expressed in the 19th century Poland. The article mentions the foreign travellers who crossed the peninsula in the 19th century, the literary results of that presence, the clichés and the projection of the foreign and Polish historiography about Spain. The article comments on the Polish presence in Spain, every time more habitual, and the reborn popularity of this country in different groups of the Polish society, the literary testimony of that fascination expressed in books, articles and correspondence, which constitute a very expressive source of information about Spain. In the first place, it analyses the chapters dedicated to Spain in the anthology of the Polish geographer and cartographer, Stanisław Stroynowski