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Tom 15 (2007): Hispano-Polonica. Homenaje a Piotr Sawicki

Un viaje al país de los Tarahumara o la memoria de un espectáculo

  • Barbara Stawicka-Pirecka
12 sierpnia 2007


Un viaje al país de los Tarahumara or a memory of a certain performance

The article is a kind of a review of a performance of Mexican “Teatro Súbito” that was presented in “Teatr Ósmego Dnia” in Poznań. The play “Artaud and his journey to Mexico” is a surrealistic picture inspired by the life and works of Antonin Artaud – a French reformer of theatre, and his journey to Mexico that took place in 1935. There he met Indians from the Tarahumara tribe and it strongly influenced his vision of ritualistic and magic theatre.