Vol. 20 (2012)

Juan Ramón como precursor de la minificción. Análisis del género de Cuentos largos

Páginas: 47 - 57

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Juan Ramón Jiménez as a precursor of the flash fiction. An analysis of the genre of Cuentos largos

The work of Juan Ramón Jiménez exists in a world deprived of generic boundaries. The author explored the possibilities offered both by the verse and the prose. Thanks to the enormous efforts of the critics, we can appreciate now all of his writings. Among them we find with some surprise several texts that can be included in the anthologies of one of the most striking phenomena of the present time: the short short stories. In this paper we present a study of the stories from the volume Cuentos largos, based on the theoretical contributions of the experts of the flash fiction. The analysis of the formal aspects of these texts will allow concluding whether el Poeta Andaluz can be counted among the precursors of the short short stories.