Vol. 20 (2012)

El mundo-telarańa de Roberto Bolańo (Estrella distante)

Zofia Grzesiak

Páginas: 67 - 75

PDF (Język Polski)


The world of Roberto Bolaño’s “spider’s web” (Distant Star)

The work of Roberto Bolaño requires a reader equipped with erudition equal to the one necessary to read Borges. What is more, even Gérard Genette has yet to create a paradigm of intertextuality that would suffice to describe this phenomenon in the writings of the Chilean author. Our objective is to analyse Distant Star with the focus on the complexity and profundity of allusions concerning a Polish writer, Bruno Schulz. The metalepsis which introduces the figure of Schulz into the plot of Bolaño’s novel implies the necessity of investigating not only in the work of Schulz, but also in his biography, as well as in the pertinent metaliterature. Such proceedings will allow us to decipher and perhaps recreate the “spider’s web” which Bolaño “casts” on the world in order to subvert the traditional modes of communication.