• El laberinto de Fernando Arrabal como obra trágica

El laberinto de Fernando Arrabal como obra trágica

Abdel Hamid Ghalab
Google Scholar Abdel Hamid Ghalab


Fernado Arrabal’s The Labyrinth as a tragic play

The study focuses on the similarities between The Labyrinth, by Fernando Arrabal, and tragic plays. We begin with the description of the tragic classicist concept and then move on to the Renaissance humanists and commentators on the classics. Analyzing the work we have found that in The Labyrinth there are many features that turned the play into a tragedy of a modern character. It is observed that the author raises important issues to highlight the complexity of a dramatic conflict that exists in the work between the protagonist and other dramatic forces. Finally, we note that Arrabal exposes the reality as an a powerful and totalitarian system, which seems like a stifling atmosphere, unexplained and uncontrolled repression. In addition, the biographical element characterizes a concept of the human being which includes conscious and unconscious aspects, obsessions and dreams.

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