ESTUDIOS - Cultura y oralidad

Vol. 27 (2019)

Correr la lengua: el fenómeno de la Korrika

Páginas: 39 - 52

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To run the language: The phenomenon of Korrika

The article deals with the peculiarities of the phenomenon of modern Spanish sports discourse, which is studied as an entity clearly defined by sociocultural peculiarities. Particularly, it highlights the modern Basque linguistic situation and its minority language position. We describe Korrika, which is a race organised in the Basque Country with the objective of promoting awareness in favour of the Basque language and raising funds to support it. This study shows the connection between language and sports as social phenomena. The article describes the topics and significance of Korrika, the methods of its physical realisation in space, and its main themes. We also give examples of the slogans of different editions, mention the participants’ profile and highlight its multidimensional nature in terms of traditional Basque cultural events taking place during the days