ESTUDIOS - Cultura y oralidad

Vol. 27 (2019)

Como preservar a memoria coa música – tradicións de Galicia e música de Luar na Lubre

Páginas: 81 - 93

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How to preserve memory with music — Galician traditions and the music of Luar na Lubre

Music has been and still is a basic medium through which mankind preserves its traditions, history and habits. Nowadays, oral traditions have different ways of spreading, for example, through the Internet, social media or music platforms, but they still need musicians and people who will create the content. Luar na Lubre is one of the most important Galician folk groups, which unites traditional Galician music with Celtic instruments but at the same time rooting it in medieval traditions of Galicia and combining it with Portuguese and Latin-American elements. Through the analysis of Luar na Lubreʼs releases from 2005 to 2012 it is possible to observe how the different parts of wide Galician patrimony unites in their music to help preserve it for new generations by recreating it.