ESTUDIOS - Cultura y oralidad

Vol. 27 (2019)

Las brujas y la mitología vasca en El guardián invisible de Fernando González Molina: de la tradición oral al lenguaje cinematográfico

Páginas: 95 - 103

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The article investigates the way the oral tradition of Basque mythology and folkloric tales of witches resonate in the cinematographic language of the film El guardian invisible by Fernando Gonzalez Molina, which presents the investigation of the killings of young girls in Navarra. The study is based on anthropological and morphological analysis which intends to find the meanings expressed by means of filmic expression related to the contents and topics of our interest. The world presented in the film is marked by the presence of supernatural powers, the quality of which may be observed in both the contents and form of the film. The motives of the mythology correspond to the way of presenting them in an oral story. Regarding the image of witchery, it seems to be inspired by the vision which led the inquisitioners to the zone in question. The film refers to the stories of the trials of witches and presents both witch-hunting and genocide of free women. At the same time, it criticises popular culture and its negative influence on creating the prejudicial image of witches.