ESTUDIOS - Cultura y oralidad

Vol. 27 (2019)

De mestre d’aixa a Banyalbufar a president de Cuba. Mateu Mir Albertí Mateito : una construcció biogràfica a partir de l’oralitat

Páginas: 105 - 115

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From shipwright in Banyalbufar to President of Cuba. Mateu Mir Albertí Mateito : A biographical construction from orality

The purpose of the study is to analyse a case of biographical creation based on orality. To do this, interviews have been used with seven witnesses through the programme on autonomous television of the Balearic Islands IB3, L’Hora D, entitled “Vox Populi”. The study is based on the modal classification and ethnopoetic genres proposed by Heda Jason in his Motif, type and genre 2000. Two narrative levels are analysed: the anecdotes and the story of personal experiences. The result of the application of this methodology leads to a biography, whose limits are never clear, which evidently creates affirmations, negations and contradictions in multiple directions. The result, therefore, leads to a story that is still unfinished today.