Vol. 27 (2019)

“Poema por contacto” como corriente oculta de la poesía moderna

Páginas: 211 - 220

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“Contact poem” as a hidden current of modern poetry

The aim of this text is to indicate possible senses of development of some of the ideas exposed previously in my studies on the literary poetry of the Catalan artist and writer Joan Brossa. In particular, I refer to the concept of “contact poemˮ interpreted in terms of a semiological analogy of photography that we consider as a modern technique and art par excellence, being probably the most radical and influential invention for culture of the last two centuries. In this sense, it is interesting to see if the consequences of the predominance of visual codes for the development of modern poetry can rather be perceived as a norm beyond the Brossian experiments of an avant-garde nature. Following a theoretical approach based on the ideas of V. Flusser and A. Rouillé, some of Brossaʼs texts are analysed from the perspective of visualisation techniques and linked to another literary example, the novel Pale Fire by V. Nabokov.