• Murray Rothbard, najważniejszy austriacki ekonomista?

Murray Rothbard, najważniejszy austriacki ekonomista?

Mateusz Machaj
Google Scholar Mateusz Machaj
Słowa kluczowe:

Ekonomia Tom 20 Nr 2 (2014)

Strony od 9 do 22


Murray Rothbard — the most important Austrian economist?

From a certain perspective Murray Rothbard may be seen as the most important Austrian School economist in its hundred and fifty year history. The decisive aspect is how we define an “Austrian economist” — whether we understand it as a historical term in the Viennese tradition, or accepta more modern meaning, associated with the emigrating tradition after the Second World War. In the article we will demonstrate the most important theoretical contributions of Rothbard, which are mostly crucial for the Austrian economics. Along with it we will also attempt to show that they mean a lot for economics in general. In the end, we will describe the vital role Rothbard played in shaping Austrian tradition in the last generations.

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