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Tom 3 (2012): Wiedza-Nauka-Poznanie naukowe

Socjologiczne konstruowanie kategorii podmiotowości

  • Agata Krasowska
31 grudnia 2012


Sociological construction of agency category

The article is an attempt to answer the question as to how sociologists explain agency. This question springs from the assumption that the way of understanding agency gives rise to a specific sociological recognition culture. Agency is recognized in different ways, depending on theoretical orientation towards determinism and constructivism. However, the problem of agency intrigued by the use of specific categories of agency in Polish sociological concepts Piotr Sztompka, Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski and their relation to the discussion about agency developed primarily in the analysis of authors such as Anthony Giddens, Margaret Archer, Ulrich Beck, Scott Lash, Alaine Touraine. I refer also to the latest interpretations of agency, focused on by critical realism, represented by Andrew Sayer 2011 and Dave Elder-Vass 2010.