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Tom 4 (2013): Nowe trendy w konsumpcji i zmiany w komunikowaniu społecznym. Współczesne orientacje i metody badań

Zarządzanie instytucjami kultury w Polsce a współczesne trendy w konsumpcji

  • Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń
31 grudnia 2013


The current consumption trends and management of cultural institutions in Poland

In the rapidly changing world, culture is invariably one of the main determinants of society’s development. Culture, viewed as the totality of objective elements of society’s achievements, is an important basis for the existence of any society. In times of crisis and social impoverishment, when higher-level needs are suppressed, and especially in the era of rapidly changing environment and the emergence of new consumer trends, managers of cultural institutions have a particularly difficult task before them. There are, however, managers who respond to these new market conditions including tabloidization and so called “online shopping” with innovative solutions, attracting a growing crowd and, at the same time, contributing to the development of cities and regions. The paper presents contemporary consumer trends and in the context of current issues in the management of cultural institutions in Poland. The purpose of the paper is to verify these consumer trends and to analyse the image of cultural institutions, on the basis of the author’s own survey.