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Tom 4 (2013): Nowe trendy w konsumpcji i zmiany w komunikowaniu społecznym. Współczesne orientacje i metody badań

Centrum handlowe jako ośrodek ewolucji konsumpcji oraz komunikacji społecznej

  • Michał Siekierka
31 grudnia 2013


Shopping mall as a center of the evolution of consumption as well as social communication

Among the multitude of factors influencing socio-economic changes, consumption, its forms, importance and scope, plays an increasingly important role in the modern world. Along with technological progress, dissemination of liberal democracy and increasing globalization, the perception of consumption and its role both in the community and activity of individuals, has changed. Alongside the rise of importance of consumption in society, a development in distribution of goods and their impact on mentality can be observed. To maintain consumption places allowing the purchase of various goods by many clients, had to be established. Department stores, supermarkets and modern shopping malls depict the evolution of institutionalized forms of activity, which aims at satisfying the needs of a modern man. Their impact on the language, symbolism, culture and civilization has become a reference point for many researchers in various disciplines.