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Tom 4 (2013): Nowe trendy w konsumpcji i zmiany w komunikowaniu społecznym. Współczesne orientacje i metody badań

Gamification as a new form of social communication

  • Agnieszka Dejnaka
31 grudnia 2013


Gamification as a new form of social communication

Gamification consists in a conscious and deliberate application of mechanisms and techniques
used in designing games to enhance commitment, loyalty, modify behaviour and human customs.
Gamification may be utilized to support specific solutions to real issues by means of changing mindsets, moods or by making processes objective. Gamification assumes directing participants’ activities towards a particular goal consistent with expectations of the project author and bringing them into undertaking relevant activities, even if they are considered to be mundane or routine. The paper is to indicate various types of gamification and their applications to marketing and business activities. It presents examples of applying selected forms of gamification in diverse social communication activities.