• Analiza kulturoznawcza dwóch akapitów z „Pamiętników” Jana Chryzostoma Paska

Analiza kulturoznawcza dwóch akapitów z „Pamiętników” Jana Chryzostoma Paska

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2083-7763.7.10
Marcin Stabrowski
Google Scholar Marcin Stabrowski


Cultural analysis of two paragraphs of Jan Chryzostom Pasek’s Memoirs

The article was written as an outcome of the workshops organized during conference “Personal accounts in research experience”. Its aim was to present the differences between sociology, history, literary studies and history of culture. The aim of the author was to present a research method specif­ic to cultural studies. Culture was understood, according to S. Pietraszko, as a way of living towards the values and as such it is a part of the Lebenswelt, whereas the typology of values was taken from the writings of Max Scheler. The analysis of historical sources is aimed at grasping a possible valua­tion in a given time and space. In two paragraphs of “Memoirs” by Jan Chryzostom Pasek particular types of values were found and a question about their precedence was asked. Dominant values in the Pasekʼs Lebenswelt were holiness and vitality. They were above in the hierarchy of values law, beauty and utility. The analysis enabled reconstruction of piety of Sarmatian memoirist, his image of God and his views about war, violence and community.

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