• Ciało w odcieleśnionej rzeczywistości. „Tango” Kultury Zrzuty

Ciało w odcieleśnionej rzeczywistości. „Tango” Kultury Zrzuty

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2083-7763.8.4
Ada Florentyna Pawlak
Google Scholar Ada Florentyna Pawlak


Body in disembodied reality. The „Pitch-In Culture” and „Tango”

This is an essay about PITCH-IN CULTURE — an alternative current, alternative group of artists, who in the 1980s in Lodz had created an autonomic space, an artistic shelter which let them function away from an official, mainstream structures of life and its culture designed by the state. Counterculture from Lodz, rebelling against reality and fictional freedom created by author­ities, found its space in the city centre, in the attic of one of townhouses. THE ATTIC had be­come an agora of underground, place of transgression of enforced schemes, clichés, patterns and truths. According to an idea — DO IT YOURSELF — DIY they published handmade magazine with art works that aroused or were related to sexual desire, often incorporating nude figures.

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