• Prawa mniejszości seksualnych w Polsce

Prawa mniejszości seksualnych w Polsce

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2083-7763.8.11
Dorota Majka-Rostek
Google Scholar Dorota Majka-Rostek


Sexual minorities’ rights in Poland

The article covers actions of Polish LGBT movement and the situation of non-heterosexual people in Polish society. These issues are put in a context of problematics of civil rights, part of which sexual rights are. The introduction to the article serves as a short presentation of the concept of sexual citizenship. Afterwards, the history of LGBT activists’ organisational work in Poland is outlined, here presented as a fight for three fundamental rights: right to form registered partner­ships, right to thorough education and right to protection against discrimination and hate speech. For over 25 years those demands remain intact, since none of these rights has been guaranteed to sexual minorities yet.

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