Rozprawy i szkice

Tom 15 (2021)

Bonatti, jakiego w Polsce nie znamy. O literackiej i reporterskiej twórczości autora pierwszego przejścia filaru Petit Dru

Strony: 45-76



Walter Bonatti was one of the leading alpinists in the post-war world. He was also the creator of the peculiar ideology of alpinism, clear in the moral purity of its assumptions, as well as an author of many books on mountains and travels. He was not only a high-mountain guide and a ski instructor, but also acclaimed travel journalist and a photographer, for which he is least known in Poland. This article is an attempt at characterising Walter Bonatti’s multifaceted literary, reportorial, and photographic creative outputs. The Italian alpinist is the author of twenty autobiography books on mountains and travels, including several photographic albums. There is an abundance of his reportorial writing connected with his nearly fifteen years long collaboration with “Epoca”, an Italian travel periodical, and of his photographic works, for which he was awarded numerous foreign honours. For the aforementioned magazine he also occasionally wrote — during his alpinist career — texts concerning his highest ascents.