Rozprawy i szkice

Tom 15 (2021)

„Naprzeciw Tatr” — Gorce jako tatrzańskie peryferie?

Strony: 243-255



The Tatra Mountains and the Gorce Mountains are mountain ranges lying next to each other. The widespread knowledge and popularity of the Tatra Mountains and the anthropopressure occurring in them indicate the dominant nature of these mountains in the consciousness of Polish society. The Gorce Mountains, meanwhile, are unknown to many, often overlooked and unpopular, both among tourists and writers. The peripheral nature of the Gorce region is related to the establishment of the center of Polish mountains in the Tatras. Their myth and majesty cast a shadow on the lower, unpopularized Gorce and contribute to creating a way of experiencing them. The article analyzes the relationship between the Gorce and the Tatra Mountains. The model of the center–periphery in the horizontal approach, proposed by Elżbieta Rybicka, was used to describe the phenomenon.