Tom 16 (2022)

Zapomniany wiersz Marii Elżbiety Kamińskiej o górach

Strony: 233-238



The author seeks to bring back from obscurity a forgotten poem, “Z gór” [From the mountains], by a female poet from the positivism period, Maria Elżbieta Kamińska (1858–1878). It was published for the first time in 1877 in Nowiny and then in 1881, in the Gwiazda calendar. The piece reveals the poet’s high sensitivity to the beauty of nature and ability to notice its variety. To make the poetic image more vivid, Kamińska highlights sensual impressions and uses various terms to describe movement. The mountains are shown as a source of life-giving force and space of unfettered freedom and liberty. Worthy of note is also the motif of mountain wandering, which can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically — as a symbol of humans’ struggle with adversity. Interestingly, Kamińska makes a reference to dog rose bushes, which bring to mind a motif known from Jan Kasprowicz’s sonnet cycle. “Z gór” should be viewed not only as a poetic attempt
to capture the unique character of the mountains, but also as a manifestation of youthful rapture and young girl’s sensitivity to the world of nature.


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