Tom 5 (2010)

Alpy w twórczości poetów i pisarzy litewskich. Prolegomena

Emilia Naruniec

Strony: 139 - 150



Switzerland and the Alps in the work of Lithuanian poets and writers. Prolegomena


The Alps played an important part in the work of Lithuanian authors. By travelling to Switzerland, they became acquainted with Western culture, acquired knowledge at prestigious universities and admired the picturesque views of the highest mountains of Europe, which they would later describe in their work. What is also important is the fact that the Swiss and Alpine landscapes would bring to the minds of the poets and writers interested in them reflections on Lithuania. For several generations it became a constant point of reference, very important and necessary during the fight for national identity. References to Lithuanian images set against the background of foreign, though valued landscapes well-known in Europe were perhaps attempts to draw people’s attention to the beauty of Lithuania in a broader perspective of the continent, to elevate a territory located on its peripheries.