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Tom 28 (2018): Świadomość językowa w ujęciu antropologiczno-kulturowym

Świadomość językowa słuchaczy Radia Wrocław

  • Anna Dąbrowska
5 maja 2021


The article analyses the questions directed by the listeners of Radio Wrocław to the persons running the programme Na końcu języka — On the tip of the tongue (until 2016 entitled Język polski — Polish language). The author, who answers the questions that trouble the listeners, collected them and analysed them. The aim of this paper is to present the questions asked by the listeners of Radio Wrocław, grouping them according to the language subsystems and trying to address the question of motivation of the individuals asking them. The material is consisted of questions asked over the last few years, out of which the most interesting or characteristic ones were selected. The results of the analysis show that the main difficulty for those asking the questions is morphology and semantics, but rarely syntax. The author presents the probable causes of linguistic problems of the listeners in the conclusions.