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Tom 28 (2018): Świadomość językowa w ujęciu antropologiczno-kulturowym

Co łączy nazwy dźwięków ze świadomością językową?

  • Piotr Kładoczny
5 maja 2021


Names of sound can be used to assess language awareness. Their psycholinguistic aspect is observed in the case of teaching small children language. The second aspect is descriptive and registering in nature, and is related to the knowledge of words. Some names of sounds take on a stylistic character and their use is sometimes assessed by others. Names of animal sounds that have a secondary reference to humans have a negative character, as do names of sounds that are used secondarily as speaking names. The sociolinguistic aspect is associated with the names of sounds typical of cer-tain backgrounds and used in a certain geographical area. The last manifestation of linguistic awareness regarding the names of sounds is related to communicative and discursive usage, i.e. applied to particular situations, persons, and a subject matter of an utterance. One can also see a manifestation of creative activity of people in the area of sound names. Artists and creative individuals not only use well-known names of sounds, but they also create completely new ones.