• Od konwersatorium „Język a kultura” do konwersatorium EUROJOS

Od konwersatorium „Język a kultura” do konwersatorium EUROJOS

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1232-9657.29.2
Jerzy Bartmiński
Google Scholar Jerzy Bartmiński


The author of this essay was an active member of the “Language and culture” conference series since its commencement. He presents the historical background of its origin and recalls the very fruitful collaboration (from 1976 onwards) with the Wrocław circles of Polish philologists under the guidance of Czesław Hernas. He then discusses three publication series connected with the conferences: the Wrocław “white series” Języka a Kultura, the Lublin “red series,” and the Lublin journal Etnolingwistyka, which together amount now to over ninety volumes. Janusz Anusiewicz’s conception of cultural linguistics is then praised; however, that author’s narrow view of ethnolinguistics as folk studies is criticised. The exploration of language and culture initiated in Wrocław in the 1980s is being continued in ethnolinguistic research on values (axiological linguistics) within the EUROJOS project, based on the good general framework of the “Language and culture” conference series. So far, the EUROJOS project has produced five volumes of the Axiological Lexicon of Slavs and Their Neighbours (2015–2019).

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