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Tom 29 (2022): Stare problemy — nowe wyzwania

Problemy historycznojęzykowe w czasopiśmie „Język a Kultura”. Zagadnienia i perspektywy badawcze

  • Małgorzata Dawidziak-Kładoczna
16 maja 2022


The article is a review and its aim is to answer the questions about which sections of historical linguistics are represented in the journal “Język a Kultura,” as well as which paradigms, directions, and research methodologies were used by the authors of the excerpted texts. The “Język a Kultura” journal, which has been published since 1988, has contained 73 historical and linguistic articles (which constitute 12.85% of all texts), representing such branches of linguistics as: semantics, lexicology, etymology, textology (genology), and linguistic pragmatics; to a lesser extent, the series covers grammar, dialectological and onomastic issues as well as language policy.