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Tom 29 (2022): Stare problemy — nowe wyzwania

Z badań frazeologii we współczesnej prasie katolickiej. Frazeologia w tygodniku „Niedziela”

  • Włodzimierz Wysoczański
16 maja 2022


The article concerns the functioning of phraseology in the weekly Niedziela in two main dimensions. Firstly, the analysis focuses on revealing the correctness of using the phraseological resource available in the Polish language regarding the aspects and ways of introducing phraseologisms into the magazine. The second research area relates to the specificity of the application and contexts in which phraseology occurs, aiming at distinguishing more important problem circles along with the interpretative regularities of the reality presented through the prism of phraseology. A more complete overview covers the spheres of faith, religion and the sacred as well as the ethical-moral and axiological levels. The detected properties of the phraseology in the weekly Niedziela are in line with the research on phraseology in contemporary Catholic press.