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Tom 29 (2022): Stare problemy — nowe wyzwania

Uzasadnienia nazwotwórcze mikrotoponimów w perspektywie etnolingwistycznej

  • Tomasz Jelonek
16 maja 2022


The main purpose of this article is an attempt to analyse the justifications of microtoponyms regarding name creation and ethnolinguistics. The research material contains over 1000 geographical names with different kind of data (e.g. information concerning semantic motivations). These geographical names were collected from 2011 to 2017 during informal conversations with the oldest- and middle-generation inhabitants of Wręczyca Wielka in the Klobuck poviat.

Name-creation justifications of microtoponyms contain not only data concerning semantic motivations, but also extensive cultural contexts which elucidate the function of designated objects at village space. The information gained from the respondents shows a naïve method of interpreting non-linguistic reality, typical for microcommunity members. Furthermore, considering the form and way of communication, small assumptions regarding the respondents can be made.