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Tom 20 (2008): Tom jubileuszowy

Co się dzieje z prawdą dziś?

  • Jadwiga Puzynina
1 grudnia 2008


What’s wrong with the ‘truth’ nowadays?

The author discusses the meaning of a word ‘truth’. The analysis is based on contexts coming from The Polish Language Text Corpus 5400 examples of this lexeme’s use. The research refers to usage of ‘truth’ from a sender’s point of view. As a result of this analysis the author presents 6 meanings of this word:
1 The truth as the adequate judgment about reality or its elements.
2 The truth as an opinion accepted by certain communities.
3 The truth understood as whether somebody’s opinion is to some extent true.
4 The truth as authenticity of statements, attitudes, and behaviour.
5 The truth as reality or its element.
6 The truth as a proper image of reality or its element passed on through artistic means.
This lexeme has different meanings; moreover, these meanings overlap syncretism of use. This word is important to contemporary users of Polish. It is necessary to continue research on the ‘truth’ in synchronic, diachronic and comparative aspects.