• Styl exposé premiera Donalda Tuska na tle zróżnicowania wewnętrznego polskiej debaty politycznej

Styl exposé premiera Donalda Tuska na tle zróżnicowania wewnętrznego polskiej debaty politycznej

Eliza Grzelak
Google Scholar Eliza Grzelak
Arkadiusz Piniarski
Google Scholar Arkadiusz Piniarski


Style of the exposé of Prime Minister Donald Tusk against internal diversity of Polish political debate

The authors, describing the internal diversity of the politicians community code, pay special attention to the particular role of the Polish parliamentary debate. They suggest that concerning the sender receiver situation, three styles of parliamentary communication can be identified, namely: high, medium and low.
The high style is mostly being used in lofty speeches, greetings, which are first of all moving. In the medium style maintained are substantive statements which concern the law creation, so their main role is to inform. Messages that only persuade, which are not essential, which go beyond parliamentary debate schedule, are performed in a low style.
Examples of statements maintained in high style are the address and exposé. The last two speeches of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in which he presented composition and plans of the new government, aroused much controversy. The first speech, according to media transmission, was emotionally moving. While the other lacked solemnity. The Prime Minister outlined a realistic picture of the difficult reality of crisis and indicated necessary economic solutions. The authors decided to analyze both speeches to verify these opinions.
The analysis showed that both speeches belong to lofty speeches. The speaker in each of them used a common system of values. The only linguistic manifestations of aggression were a critical assessment of the previous government and the opposition. An exception were the fragments of speeches devoted to the plans, which, as a specialist speech, proved to be closer to the medium style.

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