• Ćwiczenia ortofoniczne w kształceniu polonistycznym

Ćwiczenia ortofoniczne w kształceniu polonistycznym

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1642-5782.18(28).3
Jolanta Fiszbak
Google Scholar Jolanta Fiszbak


The author argues that orthophonic exercises need to be urgently included in Polish language teaching. It is important not only because such exercises help to develop a student’s speech organs; they are generally beneficial in personal development, as well as supporting Polish language education. She also points to problems which many Polish people come across concerning correct articulation, and she presents the origins of such struggles: the influence of new media as well as the negligence of this matter at school. The article presents various orthophonic exercises, presents their aims and rules of employing them in Polish language teaching. Moreover, the author explains how to organise these exercises during Polish language classes.

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