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Tom 18 (2020)

Zaburzenia uwagi słuchowej w językowym funkcjonowaniu dzieci

  • Jolanta Skowronek
4 marca 2021


Hearing has a decisive role in human life and human development. It conditions proper functioning in terms of both primary and higher skills. Sometimes, despite the normative level of physiological hearing, there are difficulties in perception and auditory analysis. The article describes the importance of the sense of hearing in human life. The auditory attention function and its components are described. Basic profiles of auditory attention occurring in children and the difficulties that they condition — especially in the development of communication competence and school situation — are also described. The article ends with developed proposals for strategies for working with children with impaired hearing attention. The recommendations developed are the result of literature studies, observations and numerous consultations with parents. The article aims to increase the awareness and alertness of teachers towards children with the behaviours described in the article.