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Tom 18 (2020)

Kształcenie na odległość — kilka uwag na marginesie problemu

  • Jakub Z. Lichański
4 marca 2021


The problem of the quality of distance learning — or e-learning — has not had much importance attached to it thus far. After all, distance learning is at least 200 years old — if not more — and e-learning is nothing new, either. However, they were a kind of “addition” to the educational process. However, as a result of the current world-wide pandemic, the situation has changed rapidly. From what was in essence an auxiliary form of learning, has suddenly become a basic form. Thus, what has affected both higher education and, above all, secondary, primary and pre-school education is something new. This is due to the suddenness of introducing both methods (techniques) of education, and not because of their technical side. Since this problem has become the subject of a large number of different kinds of statements, and even the first book devoted to this issue has been published — it is worth looking at these issues again and try to present a few more general comments. The main thesis of the article is: the technical help side is basically correct; the problems are: i) preparing teachers for this form of teaching, ii) preparation of full-text databases adapted to secondary school curricula, iii) adaptation (in secondary schools) of e-education programs, e.g. to university syllabuses (with links to specific texts, not entire databases), iv) “Rebuilding” the way of educating teachers so that they learn these technical skills from the university or improve them via additional courses and training.