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Część II

Tom 7 (2008)

Ortografia bez reguł i wyjątków. Na przykładzie pisowni „rz” i „ż”

  • Kordian Bakuła
1 października 2008


Spelling without rules and exceptions as exemplified by the spelling of “rz” and “ż”

Spelling rules in Polish maintain that there are “rz” and “ż” that are not interchangeable, which the author of the article rejects, proving that for nearly all words with uninterchangeable “rz” and “ż” there exist related words with interchangeable “r” or “z”, “g”, “s”, “h”. The author also rejects the rule requiring “rz” when following consonants “p”, “b”, “t”, “d”, “w”, “g”, “ch”, “j” as well as the conviction of the existence of numerous exceptions from the accepted rules. The author accepts only one rule, i.e. the rule of interchangeability and rejects mechanical memorising of spelling in exchange for cognitive learning, reinforced by the knowledge of the history of language and historical grammar.